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IntroLend is your brokerage-based mortgage solution — a digital platform where 100+ wholesale & retail lenders compete for your client’s business. Use the bite-size training tips & tools below to understand a feature, and how to use it!

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Agent App, FastTrack

Downloading & Using the Agent App

This fun video guides agents through downloading and using our amazing app.

Agent App, FastTrack

Agent App - Account Setup & FastTrack Guide

A quick, visual guide to creating your App account and sending FastTrack texts

Agent App, FastTrack

8 Steps to FastTrack Success

A one-page flyer that shows how easy it is to send your clients a FastTrack text.

Agent App

Broadcast Marketing for Agents: A Guide

A simple visual guide to our App-resident tools that help you supercharge client outreach.


Agent Engagement Deck

A brief tour through the IntroLend model — showcasing benefits to Agents & clients.

Agent App

Agent App - Become an Investor

This simple tutorial shows how to Invest in your Chapter right on the Agent App.

Agent App, FastTrack, Finance Manager

Real Estate Agent Testimonial Video

Real estate agent Pam Smith shares her direct experience working with the IntroLend platform.

Agent App, FastTrack, Finance Manager

IntroLend Overview

Your IntroLend Chapter: A single-point solution to your clients’ real estate & finance needs.

Agent App, FastTrack, Finance Manager

IntroLend App Training

A live tutorial on downloading, using and optimizing your amazing Agent App.

Agent App, FastTrack, Finance Manager

IntroLend Investment Information

A live discussion of how agents legally participate in Chapter profits from mortgage service fees.

Agent App, FastTrack

Download our Agent App

Download our game-changing mobile Agent App for iOS and Android devices.


Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we're getting from our Agents. We hope you will find them useful.

What is IntroLend?
Put simply, IntroLend is an agent-owned mortgage company — called a Chapter — that is placed inside your real estate brokerage. It complies with the "Affiliated Business Arrangement" (ABA) exemption to RESPA, thus enabling agents to participate in fees from mortgage services and other client-driven transactions (including moving, home security & solar systems, furnishings and more). In an era where agents face massive disruption from online competitors and shrinking commissions, the IntroLend platform will substantially grow agent revenues while providing their clients with a superior mortgage experience.
Who is Avenu?
Avenu Technologies, Inc. is a financial services technology (FinTech) firm that is the creator and operator of the IntroLend platform. It was created by national leaders in the mortgage lending and web technology sectors. In the mortgage domain, we were prior founders of PRMI, a top-10 US lender, and LeadPoint, the world’s largest online mortgage lead exchange. On the web tech side, we founded Impact, a global leader in digital marketing technology, and both and MoneyTips — two category leading consumer finance destinations. So that’s WHO Avenu is. In terms of WHAT Avenu DOES, we do the heavy lifting in operating your IntroLend Chapter, so you’re free to focus on what you’ve always done best — serve your clients in the buying and selling of homes. (founders of PRMI, a top-10 US lender)
How does IntroLend help me earn more money from my current business?
IntroLend grows your income in three vital ways: First, by enabling agent-owners of your Chapter to legally share in fees from mortgage services and other client-driven revenue events (such as moving, home security & solar systems, furnishings and more). Second, through our game-changing app — which streamlines the management of your business — bringing lenders, colleagues and clients together in one place, so collaboration is just a few taps away. And finally, we lift your income through our best-in-class digital mortgage — augmented by live support & free credit tools — that helps more of your clients obtain mortgage approval, in record time and with minimum stress.
What’s a FastTrack?
FastTrack is the simple, but powerful way agents use the IntroLend app to launch their client on a superior mortgage journey. It’s a personalized text message to your client that includes a "FastTrack" link to our digital mortgage application. By clicking on the link, they embark on the world’s fastest and most intuitive digital mortgage journey — one that provides competitive loan quotes along with real-time professional support.
How does the IntroLend app help me grow & manage my business?
IntroLend brings all your lenders, colleagues and clients together on one intuitive app, so collaboration is just a few taps away. What’s more, you can launch clients on their digital mortgage journey in a few seconds, getting instant updates as that journey progresses — from completing their application, to obtaining fast pre-approval, to viewing competitive loan quotes, and on to final loan approval & closing. By staying aware of all key events in your client’s mortgage journey, you and your Chapter’s Finance Manager can help smooth this process, driving more — and faster — loan closings.
Can I keep working with my favorite loan officers & lenders?
Yes. With IntroLend, you can work with our robust network of top lenders, along with your long-time favorites! Simply use our app to determine if your current lender is already on the IntroLend platform. If not, the app lets you invite your current loan officers to join the platform, and our skilled onboarding team will reach out immediately to begin the process of new lender integration.
How does IntroLend benefit my real estate clients?
Most of your clients spend over 30 hours each week online, across all their devices. So they’re conditioned to expect transactions that are fast, smooth and effective. But the legacy mortgage process — with all its paperwork and bureaucracy — is none of those things. Fortunately, IntroLend changes all that. It benefits your clients through a digital mortgage journey that is superior to legacy mortgages in three key ways: speed, simplicity and savings. First, it is significantly faster. From the completion of their digital loan application, to obtaining lightning-quick pre-approval, to reviewing competitive quotes and getting final loan approval — your clients invest substantially less time than in a legacy mortgage with reams of paperwork. The second benefit is simplicity. By completing a single digital loan application— aided by our live support professionals — your client engages multiple top lenders with minimal effort and stress. This leads us to the third benefit, which is savings. By garnering multiple competitive loan quotes, your client can select the mortgage with the best rate and terms — saving a bundle of money over the life of their loan. As a final plus, each of your clients gets a free Essential membership in MoneyTips, which includes world-class credit reporting and monitoring, along with basic identity protection. These vital tools give your client immediate visibility into their credit report — along with actionable tips to improve their score — thus enhancing their ability to qualify for a mortgage, which helps you close more sales!
Is there any cost to my clients for these great IntroLend benefits?
There is no cost whatsoever for your clients to enjoy the many benefits of the IntroLend digital mortgage platform. In fact, the opposite is true. IntroLend will save your clients money by promoting a competitive mortgage process that ensures they get the best loan rate and terms — faster and with far less stress than through a legacy mortgage process.
What loan programs can IntroLend provide to my clients?
IntroLend is a multi-lender, digital mortgage platform. This means it can provide fast, responsive quotes to a vast range of borrowers from multiple, leading lenders. IntroLend is also a mortgage lender itself, and will often provide one of the loan quotes received by your client. Please reach out to your Chapter’s Finance Manager to discuss any loan programs you are looking for. He or she will ensure that your client receives multiple, competitive quotes from suitable lenders, while also streamlining their loan application process.
How do I invite/add my Favorite Lenders into the system?
You can do this directly in the app. Simply go to the "My Lenders" tab in the top-right corner, click "Add Lender," then "Invite a New Lender" and fill out the lender information. Once they’ve been added, our Lender Onboarding team will do the heavy lifting of communicating with your lenders and their companies to complete the process.
What do I need to tell my lenders?
Simply tell your lenders that you are adding them to your new, in-house mortgage platform. Say that a member of our Lender Onboarding team will be reaching out to answer their questions, and to work with their company as needed. You can also provide this video : that briefly explains the IntroLend platform.
How do I get somebody from IntroLend to speak with my lender?
By inviting/adding your lender to the app, our team will be automatically notified of your action. They will then reach out to your lender to arrange for formal onboarding to the IntroLend platform. So there’s no need to call us to say they’ve been added, as this process is automated.
Do my clients get live, expert support for their digital mortgage?
The IntroLend mortgage platform provides your clients with the best of both worlds: digital precision and live support. Our digital platform is lightning-fast, while also providing two layers of real-time support: your Chapter’s Finance Manager and our US-based Concierge Support Team. They all stand ready to aid your clients in completing their loan application, uploading support documentation and answering any questions that arise — while urgent or complex issues are immediately escalated to the Finance Manager.
How does the IntroLend Finance Manager assist my clients?
IntroLend provides your clients with two tiers of professional support. First, is your Chapter’s in-house Finance Manager, who provides senior-level support directly to clients. From helping with their loan application, to uploading support documentation, to selecting the best loan offer and answering questions at any time, your Finance more home sales. Second, is our Concierge Support Team, based at IntroLend’s US call center. These agents are highly trained to answer client questions at any time by phone or email, and can easily escalate any question or concern directly to the Finance Manager. Working synergistically, IntroLend’s Concierge team and your Chapter Finance Manager provide each of your clients with a new standard of white glove support.
As an agent, can I get live support for the IntroLend platform & app?
Yes. IntroLend provides world-class support to agents by phone and email. Whatever the topic — from using the IntroLend app, to onboarding your favorite loan officers to our platform — these agents stand ready to assist. What’s more, our front-line support agents are backed by dedicated specialists in lender engagement, who help onboard new lenders to the platform while working with current lenders to facilitate your clients’ mortgage closings.
Does the IntroLend platform slow down (or speed up) the loan process?
The IntroLend platform drives a loan process that is significantly faster than legacy mortgages, which are burdened with reams of paperwork. From completing their digital loan application, to obtaining lightning-quick pre-approval, to reviewing competitive quotes and getting final loan approval — your clients invest substantially less time in an IntroLend digital mortgage. What’s more, a single IntroLend mortgage application is used to engage multiple top lenders. This provides your client with competitive loan quotes that do not require separate applications and support documents — accelerating their mortgage journey, while securing the best loan rate and terms.
Can I invest in my IntroLend Chapter?
Yes. Agents can invest in their IntroLend Chapter. The actual investment amounts are modest, but they are necessary to legally participate in dividend income from the Chapter. Thus, to broaden your revenue from a single-transaction model (your sales commission) to a multi-event model that includes net profit distributions from mortgage services and other client-driven transactions (including moving, home security & solar systems, furnishings and more), it is necessary for you to invest in your Chapter.
Can I use IntroLend without investing in my Chapter?
Yes, all agents are encouraged to use the IntroLend platform and app, as they will help you streamline your business and close more sales. But you will only be able to participate in quarterly dividend income from the Chapter (derived from mortgage service fees and other client-driven transactions) if you are an Agent-owner of the Chapter, which requires a modest investment.
How do I invest?
Simply click the Investment Flag in the app and follow the instructions.
When can I invest?
You can invest at any time by purchasing units up to your qualifying level. Look for the Investment Flag in the app.
How much I can invest?
There are up to 4 investment levels in your Chapter, based on the number of years you’ve held a real estate license and accreditation -- even if you spent some of that time at a different brokerage. Find the levels you qualify for by clicking the Investment Flag and following the process.
What is the "early bird" discount?
The Chapter may offer a discount for specific periods of time. Units start at Units $500. When the Chapter is initially launched, units may be discounted by 10% or 25% for a period of time. Any discount can be seen in the share pricing when you go through the investment process.
Are there any other qualifications to invest?
Yes. To invest at any level an agent must be in Good Standing, which includes hanging your license with the sponsoring brokerage, being current on all fees due to the brokerage, and not being on probation or or any corrective program with the brokerage.
Can I upgrade my investment level at a later date?
Yes. You may increase your investment to any qualifying level at any time. In the month of your license anniversary, you will automatically qualify for the next level. If you upgrade, the incremental portion of your investment will follow the same qualification rules as your initial investment.
Can I go down a level at a later date?
Not currently, but your Chapter’s Investment Committee can elect to allow that to happen in the future.
What happens if I leave my current brokerage office, or retire?
Each Chapter sets its own exit policy. If you decide to leave your current brokerage, you can normally cash out your investment upon departing. In other words, the Chapter has the right to return your initial investment and you will no longer be an owner of the Chapter.
Can I use the software without investing?
Yes, everyone can use all platform software -- including the App -- and can deploy FastTrack for mortgage lending.
Can I make a partial payment now and some later?
Yes. You can invest at the lowest qualifying level now, and buy into a higher qualifying level at a later date.
Who owns the mortgage company?
Agents own the majority of the Chapter, with corporate owning the balance.
Am I obligated to invest?
No, there is no investment obligation.
When do I get my dividends?
Dividends are typically paid quarterly, based on the prior quarter’s revenue and Chapter profitability. Encouraging more agents to use FastTrack generates more revenue for the Chapter. You must be invested for a full quarter in order to participate in the following quarter’s dividend. (For example, initial or additional units purchased on May 15th would receive dividends for the third quarter ended September 30th.) Typically, a Chapter does not pay dividends after its first quarter of lending, but does so after its second or third quarter of lending -- and every quarter thereafter.
Where/how can I see the dividend results of my Chapter?
Each IntroLend Chapter is individually owned and managed. While most Chapters provide quarterly dividends -- and will report to you on these dividends -- you should learn from your Broker-Owner(s) how they intend to make this reporting available.
Do I complete the PPM before sending in my investment
Yes. Make sure you read and understand the entire PPM and have signed and submitted it back before sending your investment.
May I transfer my units to someone else?
No. You may not transfer units to any other agent or family member even if they are already active in the Chapter.
What if I simply want my investment back?
You may ask to surrender your units at any time, and if accepted by the Chapter’s Investment Committee, you can receive your initial investment back.
What kind of return on investment (ROI) can I expect to receive?
We cannot predict the dividend amount that will be paid in any given quarter, or over time. Your Dividend payouts are based on Chapter profitability each quarter, which is highly influenced by the volume of loans that are originated through your Chapter’s IntroLend platform.
How long can you stay in the program?
You can stay in the program as long as you remain in Good Standing with the Chapter’s sponsoring brokerage, while maintaining an active real estate license.
Is the Introlend Chapter a formal part of my brokerage?
No, it is a separate legal entity (a Limited Liability Company) that is majority-owned by agents of the brokerage.